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Om Radiant
Meditation CD

This CD is a guided healing journey. It helps the listener integrate healing and relax into a tranquil space. To center with the I AM presence. Guiding the listener through the energy meridians, Sephirots and Chakras. Fluidly, pulling energy through the physical body, white light from above and golden light from below. Creating perfect balance in the solar plexus, the center energy meridian of the physical and spirit body.


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An Extraordinary Trilogy of Light Meditation CD

This guided meditation CD is comprised of the most subtle information that is needed for the divine purpose of ascending through the light force energy. Knowledge that is mostly fluid and discernable throughout your lifetime to remedy the relationship that you were having in this most profound arrangement in the physical body.

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About Donna

Donna is a gifted healer. Born clairaudient and clairsentient. She is committed to facilitating energetic healing, awareness and teaching others to experience and empower themselves with the tools of her guided meditation and healing work. Balancing the energies of the divine feminine and the divine masculine within themselves.

Participation in Meditation

Helps the listener clear blocks of energy that can make you feel depleted and stuck in a stymied energetic place. Helps you to feel enriched, stay centered and anxiety free. It also helps to raise your vibration, the frequency of the body.

Benefits of Meditation

A deep process of release and relief. Removes the energies of daily stress, lifting heavy energies of others, off your shoulders leaving you with a sense of freedom, calm, peace and joy. A concise method to help you feel grounded and centered. The healing benefits allow you to hold more light in your energetic space. The cumulative effects are profound.

Healing Blessings

Donna plays the Crystal bowls and tuning forks during the meditation, as well as she chants the healing blessings, in Hebrew and Sanskrit. The meditation ends with a prayer to Arch Angel Raphael. This meditation is spoken in English.